Thursday, November 29, 2007

5 Reasons Not To Fire John Ferguson Jr.

5. You've stuck with him this long, at least give him until the end of the season, see if something turns itself around.

4. The Leafs are 14th in the East, and dead last in the division. It's not like they're going to get any worse.

3. Us Leafs fans (or it is Leaf fans?) are stupid. We'll still pay $200 for a nosebleed seat, just to "boo" a shitty team. The profits won't go down, I promise.

2. The real source of the problem is not JFJ. It's the fucked up management of MLSE. Richard Peddie and Larry Tanembaum (spelling?) are the real stars of the show, JFJ is just the puppet. They need to relinquish some control, ie. Bryan Colangello with the Raptors.

1. I've been calling for JFJ's head for about a year and half, you don't want to prove me right now.

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