Thursday, April 12, 2007

Playoffs: Round One

Surprisingly I wasn't ready to axe anything on Sunday, mainly because I'd been expecting the outcome since the Leafs lost on Thursday; I'm not sure if I posted that here though. Anyway, I can't say I was mad (I was heartbroken though), because it was the Leafs fault, they had numerous games in the last few weeks where they could have easily gained a point and ended up in the playoffs - as it was they didn't do that, and now I'm focused in on the Jays (and to some extent, I suppose my exams).

Anyway, as I usually do, I won't just make first round picks, I'll go all the way through.

First Round

Red Wings over Flames (in 6)
Wild over Ducks (in 7)
Canucks over Stars (in 6)
Sharks over Predators (in 7)

Sabres over Islanders (in 4)
Devils over Lightning (in 4)
Rangers over Thrashers (in 4)
Senators over Penguins (in 7)

Second Round

Red Wings over Wild (in 7)
Sharks over Canucks (in 7)

Sabres over Rangers (in 7)
Senators over Devils (in 7)

Conference Finals

Sharks over Red Wings (in 6)
Sabres over Senators (in 5)

Stanley Cup Finals

Sabres over Sharks (in 7)

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