Thursday, April 5, 2007

Top 10 Reasons Why We Will Win Tonight...

As I sit here on my porcelain recliner, ideas are going through my head of why the Leafs are going to win tonight against the New York Islanders. Here's the top 10 reasons I could think of why the Leafs are going to win....

10. Nobody on our team pretends they have a DH contract in the MLB where the other players face is the baseball.

9. Have you ever seen a plane fly into a building in Toronto?

8. Sure, we may overpay some of our players - but we still don't sign them past 5 year deals.

7. I think anybody in the league could spell our goalies names...ask someone to spell Wade DoubleBubble, and I bet the choke.

6. Our jerseys have never made people want to go out and eat an entire box of Captain Highliner Fish Sticks.

5. Yeah, Wendel Clark played for both teams, but how often do you see him on the Island watching a game?

4. Wendel's moustache was FAR better in Toronto as well.

3. Our owner doesn't run a corner store in his spare time.

2. Our owner manager also doesn't disguise himself as one of the players on the ice (haven't you always wondered why Charles Wang is never around when Richard Park is?).

1. Our coach doesn't live in a WigWam.

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Pseudonym said...

ummm, maybe 10 reasons wasn't enough