Thursday, February 7, 2008

#56 - at Montreal

Yeah, so I did decide to do game day topics from now on. Neat, huh?

Tonight we are in Montreal to battle the hated Canadiens. But, of course, we want Montreal to win. Why? Two reasons:

1) If Montreal wins AND Ottawa loses, Montreal will pass Ottawa for first in the division and conference. Which is awesome, because while we should all hate Montreal, fuck Ottawa.

2) If we lose, combined with Edmonton's win yesterday, we keep pace in the race for the number one pick, namely: Steven Stamkos. I say keep pace because the two teams that are beneath us in the standings are Los Angeles, who plays Detroit tonight, and Tampa Bay, who play Nashville. A loss is always helpful these days, but especially tonight, when there is no chance Detroit takes a loss, and Nashville will probably win, too.

Toskala gets the start (why? Is Maurice not with the program? Does he not read the blogosphere? No? Oh...) and McCabe might be back, replacing Wozniewski in the lineup. This somehow doesn't scream loss to me. Oh well, here's hoping.

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