Saturday, February 9, 2008

#57 - vs Detroit (3:00pm start time)

I have to be honest, I really don't know what I'm doing. But Dave asked me to do this because he won't be around a computer this weekend. I'll do my best.

The Wings have been unstoppable this season (minus Thursday's loss to the Kings). I mean year in and year out they are always one of the better teams in the league, but did everyone else just get really shitty, or did Detroit get even better? They are 15 points clear of ANYONE else in the ENTIRE NHL. They're 24 up on Nashville for their division. They could pack it in now, and still win the conference. Hopefully for us Leafs fans they don't give up (I'm on the "cheering for loses because loses are good" side of the fence too).

The Leafs are coming off a very spirited win against the Canadiens Thursday. It was a pretty physical game that turned out to be quite entertaining (I actually watched the whole game). Unfortunately the Leafs were on the winning end of a 4-2 score. I thought the Earl - Sundin - Tlusty line looked fantastic. If I could come up with just one reason to keep Sundin it would be so he could center a line with these two youngsters for the rest of the season. Sundin has got to have a positive impact on their development, no?

The NHL has screwed with the time though (assumingly to accomodate the battle atop the Northeast), so if you're planning to watch the game, notice the 3:00pm start time.

(PS. If Dave is going to overlabel, I will try to underlabel).

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James said...

I'm glad Dave kicked your cain on the roof of school.

Detroit has not been unstopable and they will fail to make it to the Cup Final again this year.