Saturday, February 9, 2008

Stamkos Standings

Oh dear Dave, won't you just be shocked to come home and find out that your brainchild has been updated even without you? Why am I doing this you ask? Well it's quite simple actually; 1) Dave has been coming up with a lot of good ideas lately (the Game Day previews, now this) and we struggle to commit to them. 2) With real commitment, and consistant posts, I think we could pull off quite an excellent blog. 3) I'm pretty bored and I've had enough of my history for the evening.

So enough of my ramblings, here's what you really want ...

1. LAK 56 GP, 23 W, 49 PTS, -24 DIFF
2. TBL 55 GP, 23 W, 51 PTS, -23 DIFF
3. TOR 56 GP, 22 W, 53 PTS, -28 DIFF
4. CHI 54 GP, 24 W, 53 PTS, -9 DIFF
5. NYI 55 GP, 24 W, 54 PTS, -29 DIFF
6. EDM 56 GP, 25 W, 55 PTS, -16 DIFF
7. FLA 56 GP, 25 W, 55 PTS, -9 DIFF
8. STL 52 GP, 24 W, 55 PTS, -14 DIFF
9. ATL 57 GP, 26 W, 56 PTS, -30 DIFF
10. WAS 56 GP, 26 W, 57 PTS, -13 DIFF
11. BUF 54 GP, 25 W, 58 PTS, +7 DIFF
12. CLB 57 GP, 26 W, 60 PTS, -6 DIFF
13. PHO 55 GP, 28 W, 60 PTS, 0 DIFF
14. VAN 55 GP, 27 W, 61 PTS, +10 DIFF

These standings have been updated to include Friday Nights action which worked out fairly well. CLB lost in OT, BOS beat BUF in a shootout, and CAR leap frogged WAS. The only other game was Ducks win over the Devils but doesn't have any bearing on our standings.

New Additions

Canucks - Not sure why Dave didn't include them in the first place (seeing as though Phoenix made the cut), but there they are at the bottom of our standings. I chose to include them because it puts all 14 teams who are currently out of the playoffs on the board.

Capitals - Having lost the Atlantic Division lead by losing to Carolina on Friday the Capitals make their first apperance on our board. They're only out a point though so don't be surprised to see them jumping in and out over the next little while.


Hurricanes - With their win they moved out of 10th and off our board.

24 of the 30 teams are in action tomorrow, so it should be a busy day in the Stamkos Standings, we'll let you know how things shape up (hopefully).

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