Saturday, February 9, 2008

Stamkos Standings

What are the Leafs doing? Winners of their last 2, and 3 of 4 ... this is not helping out in the Standings, especially when teams ahead of us are losing. Stupid Leafs beating stupid Detroit ... hopefully Sundin accidentally got on the Wings team bus at the end of the game and is on his way back to Detroit right now (of course we'll want something in return once we realize he's gone). That'll slow the winning streak down.

Anyway here are the updated Standings to include all of Saturday's action.

1. LAK 57 GP, 23 W, 49 PTS, -26 DIFF
2. TBL 56 GP, 23 W, 52 PTS, -24 DIFF
3. CHI 54 GP, 24 W, 53 PTS, -9 DIFF
4. TOR 57 GP, 23 W, 55 PTS, -27 DIFF
5. EDM 57 GP, 25 W, 55 PTS, -19 DIFF
6. NYI 56 GP, 24 W, 55 PTS, -30 DIFF
7. STL 53 GP, 24 W, 55 PTS, -17 DIFF
8. FLA 57 GP, 26 W, 57 PTS, -6 DIFF
9. WAS 56 GP, 26 W, 57 PTS, -13 DIFF
10. ATL 58 GP, 27 W, 58 PTS, -29 DIFF
11. BUF 54 GP, 25 W, 58 PTS, +7 DIFF
12. CLB 57 GP, 26 W, 60 PTS, -6 DIFF
13. PHO 55 GP, 28 W, 60 PTS, 0 DIFF
14. VAN 56 GP, 27 W, 61 PTS, +6 DIFF

The 3-2 OT win this afternoon certainly did not help the Leafs chances very much. We now find ourselves in the middle of a very crowded 55 point pack. With another win, we could find ourselves vaulting all the way down to 9th (I'm not sure you can "vault" down, but whatever). Not to mention, the current leaders (the Kings) lost to the Penguins 4-2, and the Lightning got a pity point (for losing in OT to ATL). Chicago, the other team ahead of us, was inactive today.

This is not what the Leafs need to be doing right now ... no, no, no!


James said...

The Leafs will be picking 7th overall by draft day, these last couple of wins are going to get to Sundin's head and he's going to lead these Leafs on a "nice" run to finish the season.

That is unless Cliff trades him for Steve Mason.

Real shame Sundin doesn't care about winning, the Leafs could get a nice package for him.

Oh and I'm still waiting for you to come on MSN so I can stick my boot up your ass.

Jason said...

It's only going to take another few wins before the suits in charge decide that they have a playoff team on their hands, which will just end badly for everybody involved. Fletch needs to start trading guys before they start to build momentum