Tuesday, March 20, 2007


As you are probably aware, Wade Belak and Cam Janssen had one hell of a fight tonight during the first period of the Leafs and Devils game. In case you missed it, here's a very quick summary. Belak and Janssen were both on the ice (a good start if you want to fight). They were a distance apart, but they knew what to do. They circled center ice. The fans all rose to their feet. For 1:36 Belak and Janssen threw fists at eachother. Belak landed a few big shots early, that made the crowd erupt into a "Belak, Belak, Belak" chant. Janssen landed a few near the end, until they both tired out. The fans once again erupted into the previously mentioned chant.

- Who would have known Wade Belak would have EVER got a standing ovation.
- The "Belak" chant egnited the ACC Crowd like I have NEVER heard before. The Leafs fans are generally dormant since the only people that can afford tickets are rich fuckers.
- The Leafs played with energy from that point onwards, which lead to their first goal and a 1-0 lead going into the second.
- I'm so very proud of Paul Maurice for dressing Belak. He absolutely had to do it, just incase Janssen took more liberties on our best players.
- I'm so very proud of Wade Belak for knowing what his role was, and going out and sparking the team virtually right off the drop of the puck (if you want to be picky it was 9:23 into the game).
- Fuck Cam Janssen for taking Tomas Kaberle from us. Our powerplay has since gone 4-44 (including the first period of tonight's game).

- (Edit:I added this after the game ended) One of the biggest reasons the Leafs won 2-1 tonight - first time all year we've won 4 straight on home ice - was Wade Belak. As Dave mentioned to me earlier, I never thought anyone would be singing Belak's praises, but here we are. He set the tone early, and from that point on in the game, the Leafs were energized, the crowd was loud, and the Leafs played an overall physical game. They played well defensively, Raycroft kept rebounds close to him; but it all started with Belak's fight. The only negative I can find with the game was that Raycroft got lucky on a few shots that beat him and hit the post ... other than that, a well played game. In for a tough home and home with the Sabres on Friday and Saturday night though.

Here it is incase you for some insane reason have not seen this ...

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