Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is a really, really important day

At this point of the season it probably goes without saying, but still. Tonight probably makes or breaks our playoff hopes. Let's look at what we need to happen tonight:

Philadelphia has to beat the Rangers, one way or another.

It'd be nice for the Rangers to pick up a clean (regulation) loss, but it's not essential. If the Rangers are kept to 87 or 88 points, that sets up a massive game tomorrow night. If they pull off what would seem to be the easy win and get to 89, well, I won't be very happy, because it doesn't give the Leafs the chance to pass the Rangers tomorrow.

Tampa Bay needs to take a clean loss to Washington.

I should also note that it would be convenient for Atlanta to lose to Boston, too, but since someone has to win that division, I suppose they can win. However, Tampa needs to lose, and they need to not get any points while doing it. If they can stay at 88 points, they're still within reach for my end of the weekend sixth place scenario, which would be fantastic.

Buffalo and Ottawa need to take care of business once again.

Buffalo had the Islanders last night, Ottawa had Montreal. Tonight they switch. They got wins last night and they need to pick up two more. As an interesting side note, if Buffalo wins, they clinch first place in the conference. It's weird cheering for Ottawa, but it's important to keep the teams beneath us down, so I'm fine with them winning (although if everything else falls into place, I suppose the Islanders may have a win here). If New York and Carolina don't get back into it soon, they're going to be left behind.

Montreal obviously needs to lose because they stand directly in front of Toronto. If they lose and the Maple Leafs win, we sit one point ahead of them with a game in hand, which is a great position to be in after they seemed so far ahead of us (and had that terrible five game winning streak to boot).

Toronto needs to keep Crosby off the scoresheet.

Aside from the fact that this would help towards my dream of seeing Thornton catch and pass Crosby for the Art Ross, it's the key to winning against the Penguins tonight. If Crosby doesn't get anything, we can take them. If gets a point, maybe. If gets a couple, we're probably fucked. If we win this game and sit in the playoffs at the end of the night, I will go ahead and say we will stay there.

Also, if we win, we have the Rangers tomorrow in a game that COULD see us end up in sixth place (it's looking unlikely after Tampa's win, but that's ok).

I guess that the most important things for this weekend are Montreal losing again, Toronto getting two wins, and the Rangers getting two losses. If nothing else on this list happens, these are the ones that probably mean the most. We should be fine if that happens.

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