Friday, March 23, 2007

This Is It ... !

If you're a Leafs fan, you've heard the words, "must win" virtually non-stop these past few weeks. Whether it be Paul Maurice, the players, the media or other Leaf fans, someway, somehow these two words have been mentioned prior to every game for the last little while. The next two nights will be no different.

As Dave so eloquently mentioned below, all the teams the Leafs are fighting with won last night (Montreal, Carolina and New York Islanders). The Leafs are currently sitting in 11th place - behind each of the aforementioned teams - 2 points out of 8th.

Friday night versus Buffalo. In Buffalo. Saturday night versus Buffalo. In Toronto. Four critical points sitting on the table, of which the Leafs need to secure two (at least). Anything less, and the season is over. Period.

The Sabres are a tough fucking team, but the Leafs have played them well - which won't be good enough over the next 36 hours. "Well" won't suffice. The Leafs need two extradoinary efforts against the President's Trohpy team (tied with Nashville at 101 points) in order to keep themselves in the hunt.

The question is, after such an emotional game on Tuesday versus the Devils, do the Leafs have enough left? As they stand at the moment I don't think they do. That's as they stand though, Kaberle is "supposed" to be back tonight and should enfuse them with some energy, and hopefully (HOPEFULLY!) the ability to score a fucking powerplay goal.

Come Saturday at roughly 10PM EST everyone should have a strong sense of where the Leafs season is going - let's just hope it's not to hell.

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