Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mar 27th - Canes vs Leafs - 2nd Period Quickie

As much as I hate to admit it, maybe that embarassing loss to the Sabres on Friday Night was a blessing in disguise. Since then the Leafs have played like a team possessed. It's only after the second period though. I better not go too in-depth, just incase they do blow it again.

Kilger scored another goal to make it 4-1. Ward allowed a huge rebound off a Johnny Pohl shot (fuck you Dave, Pohl is amazing). We (the TV audience) almost missed the 5th goal as TSN's broadcast randomly cut to an overhead shot of a random arena on an intermission. I thoroughly enjoyed watching a pair of zamboni's gliding gracefully across the ice. Anyway, a long pass from Hal Gill sprang (or is it sprung?) Yanic Perreault on a breakaway who snapped it over Ward's arm. Laviolette pulled Ward after this goal. As a result of all this ... 5-1 after 2 (smiles while rubbing hands together).

Everything else ... Montreal scored 3 unanswered and lead the Rangers 3-2 (WTF?) mid way through the 2nd. Jersey leads the Islanders 2-1 late in the 2nd. Florida has extended its lead to 3-1 over Tampa, just starting the 3rd there.

See ya for the game review?

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