Friday, March 23, 2007

Fuck You Matt Stajan; Season Over

Well that was a fucking shitty game if you are a Leafs fan. Sure if you're a Sabres fans you're grinning like a fucking moron.

Well I don't have anything to say in defence of the Leafs. That was bullshit. A 4-1 lead, only to blow it all fairly late in the 3rd and lose 5-4. That's fucking balls, there's no other way to put it. They should be ashamed of themselves. They absolutely dominated that entire game. It was a fucking mauling. We (all of us at BBP and some other friends; who happen to be Sabres fans) were out for dinner. There were other Leafs fans there, and we were all celebrating, thinking we'd just won an extremely well played game, and we were that much closer to a playoff spot; when all of a sudden everything goes to hell, and the Leafs shit on themselves.

Well fuck me. I'll call it now. Despite any mathematical chances and despite the fact the other teams could still lose, and everything stays the same (minus games remaining) the Leafs season is over. That loss will be the straw that breaks the camels back. That's it. Nice try, we faked being a decent team for almost the entire year.

Also, fuck you Matt Stajan. Like sure it's all well and good you finally decided to score a goal (the Leafs second of the game). It's also great you decided to assist on the 3rd goal. But fuck you that you decided to do it right after I called you Matt "Can't Score" Stajan. Honestly, that's fucking bullshit. I hope Cam Janssen (at some point next season because we will not be joining the Devils in the Playoffs) takes your fucking head off. I hated you before, but making me look like a fool on a brand new blog? That shit ain't gone fly. Fuck that.

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