Thursday, March 29, 2007

Remaining Schedule of 7 Eastern Teams; Realistic Results?

I am in class, as Dave just mentioned. I'm not even going to look at the Leafs running boxscore on yahoo tonight; simply because I'm taping the game and will watch it later. So instead I am going to entertain, well maybe not entertain, but keep myself busy, with this blog. Yay. Here's what it is going to be ... a look at each of the schedules for the teams we are fighting with. I'm only looking at 7 teams though, Atlanta, New York Rangers, Tampa Bay, Montreal, Us, New York Islanders and Carolina. Fuck the Panthers. I'm not including Buffalo, New Jersey, Ottawa and Pittsburgh for obvious reasons (they've clinched a spot, and they are too far ahead anyway). Here goes nothing.

Atlanta Thrashers - 5 Games Remaining - 89 Points - 1st in Southeast Division - 3rd in the Eastern Conference

Tonight - vs Toronto Maple Leafs
Sat. Mar 31 at Boston Bruins
Wed. Apr 4 vs Washington Capitals
Fri Apr 6 at Carolina Hurricanes
Sat Apr 7 vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Realistically ... the Leafs are playing better than the Thrashers, and should win this game (0 Points). Should beat the Bruins (2 Points). Should beat the Capitals (2 Points). Hopefully will beat the Canes and Islanders with no overtime so the Leafs can benefit (4 Points). This gives the Thrashers 8 more points, finishing the season with 97.

New York Rangers - 5 Games Remaining - 87 Points - 3rd in Atlantic Division - 6th in Eastern Conference

Sat Mar 31 at Philadelphia Flyers
Sun Apr 1 vs Toronto Maple Leafs
Tues Apr 3 at New York Islanders
Thurs Apr 5 vs Montreal Canadiens
Sat Apr 7 at Pittsburgh Penguins

Realistically ... should beat the Flyers (2 Points). Beat the Leafs in OT (2 Points). Beat the Islanders and Canadiens, once again to help the Leafs (4 Points), but lose to the Pens (0 Points). Finishing with 8 more points, and a total of 95 Points.

Tampa Bay Lightning - 5 Games Remaining - 86 Points - 2nd in Southeast Division - 7th in Eastern Conference

Fri Mar 30 at Carolina Hurricanes
Sat Mar 31 vs Washington Capitals
Tues Apr 3 vs Carolina Hurricanes
Fri Apr 6 vs Florida Panthers
Sat Apr 7 at Atlanta Thrashers

Realistically ... Two games against the Canes? Eww. Split these two games, one win, one loss, with no overtime (2 Points). Beat the Caps and Panthers (4 Points), lose to the Thrashers (0 Points). 6 Points more, finish with 92.

Montreal Canadiens - 5 Games Remaining - 86 Points - 3rd in Northeast Division - 8th in Eastern Conference

Fri Mar 30 at Ottawa Senators
Sat Mar 31 vs Buffalo Sabres
Tues Apr 3 vs Boston Bruins
Thurs Apr 5 at New York Rangers
Sat Apr 7 vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Realistically ... lose to the Sens and Sabres, but with as well as they are playing, let's assume they get two points, one way or another (2 Points). Beat the Bruins (2 Points). An overtime loss to the Rangers (1 point). Can't give them anything against the Leafs (0 Points). 5 points, finishing with 91.

Toronto Maple Leafs - 6 Games Remaining - 84 Points - 4th in Northeast Division - 9th in Eastern Conference

Tonight at Atlanta Thrashers
Sat Mar 31 vs Pittsburgh Penguins
Sun Apr 1 at New York Rangers
Tues Apr 3 vs Philadelphia Flyers
Thurs Apr 5 at New York Islanders
Sat Apr 7 vs Montreal Canadiens

Realistically ... a win over the Thrashers (2 Points), some how getting a point over the Pens (1 Point). Same with the Rangers (1 Point). Beat the Flyers (2 Points). Beat the Islanders (2 Points). Beat the Canadiens, probably in overtime (2 Points). 10 points, finishing the year with 92.

New York Islanders - 6 Games Remaining - 84 Points- 4th in Atlantic Division - 10th in Eastern Conference

Fri Mar 30 at Buffalo Sabres
Sat Mar 31 vs Ottawa Senators
Tues Apr 3 vs New York Rangers
Thurs Apr 5 vs Toronto Maple Leafs
Sat Apr 7 at Philadelphia Flyers
Sun Apr 8 at New Jersey Devils

Realistically ... losses to all the teams, minus the Flyers. Without DiPietro, give them 3 points just for fun. Finishing with 87 on the year.

Carolina Hurricanes - 5 Games Remaining - 84 Points - 3rd in Southeast Division - 11th in Eastern Conference

Fri Mar 30 vs Tampa Bay Lightning
Sun Apr 1 at Florida Panthers
Tues Apr 3 at Tampa Bay Lightning
Fri Apr 6 vs Atlanta Thrashers
Sat Apr 7 vs Florida Panthers

Realistically ... again fuck the two games between teams we are fighting with. Split them (2 Points). Lose to the Thrashers (0 Points). Panthers ... they're playing decently ... I can wish can't I? (3 Points). Gives them 5 points, and a total of 89.

Realistically - or maybe hopefully on my part - here's what the standings would look like come April 8th at roughly 11:59pm.

1. Sabres
2. Devils/Pens
3. Thrashers ... 97 Points
4. Sens
5. Devils/Pens
6. Rangers ... 96 Points
7. Lightning ... 92 Points
8. Leafs ... 92 Points

9. Canadiens ... 91 Points
10. Hurricanes ... 89 Points
11. Islanders ... 87 Points

Tampa would have more wins, and therefore would get the tiebreaker with us. I'm not going to lie though, this is a very plauisble situation ... especially for the Leafs. I don't think I'm asking for too much here ... am I? Let me know.

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