Friday, March 23, 2007

Mar 23rd - Leafs vs Sabres - 1st Period Quickie

I'm going to try and get as much down as I can. I had quite a bit to say, but I don't know whether I can remember all of it now.

- Battaglia turned the puck over in our own zone leading to the Sabres first goal (PP). Bates had plenty of time to get the puck out, but as seems to be happened far too often lately, the Leafs players are getting very little on clearing attempts (especially the back handers) usually leading to a great scoring chance, or as was the case tonight a goal.

- McCabe. While he scored late in the period to tie it at 1 (5 on 3 PP - Kaberle nice little one-timer setup), he continues to fuck up in his own zone. Another brutal giveaway lead to a great goal scoring chance for the Sabres - Razor bailed him out.

- Stajan sucks balls. I've never liked him, and I'm starting to like him less and less ... he just fucking sucks. He had a breakaway, and shot it right into Millers chest. Then a few moments later, the Sabres think they are about to clear the puck and a Leafs defenceman (whom it was I can't remember) jumps in and keeps the puck in. The Sabres are all caught leaving the zone, the puck is shovelled to the front of the net where Matty "Can't Score" Stajan is waiting all alone. Of course he didn't score; look at the nickname I gave him.

- Kaberle showed a bit of rust earlier, but seemed to work out the cobwebs towards the end of the period. Can't fault him too much for that.

- Very phsyical first period - from both sides. Lots of hitting, lots of scurmishes after the whistle. Loved it.

- Also a very fast paced period. Made for a very entertaining first period. Let's hope the next 5 periods are this entertaining.

- Won't be posting after the next two periods, BBP is going out for wings and to watch the game. Hopefully posting an overall game review later though.

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